About Us and Dance Music

Undoubtedly there is a multitude of reasons that cause people to gravitate to a specific form of music. Most individuals will soon form their favourites. What causes them to do this can vary. It can be because of the musical instruments that are common to a specific genre. Or, it can be because of the lyrics. Then again, it may be because it allows them to interact with music like dance music.

This site has been dedicated to dance music based on several important factors. While every form of music has its contribution to the music industry dance music is high on the list of being one that is enjoyed the most. For this, among other reasons, it was chosen to be the topic of this website.


One of the goals of this site is to create a greater appreciation for dance music. It is not uncommon to take music for granted as it is so easily accessed. It is worth taking the time to look closer at dance music so a new appreciation can be obtained. This site is attempting to do this by providing some interesting information that is spread over several topics, all of which pertain to dance music.

Delivery of Dance Music

Those that want to enjoy dance music can either do so by listening to it live or enjoying it electronically. Each of these delivery methods brings its level of entertainment. The live venues have the extra touch of being able to watch the performers. Electronic music offers the convenience of being able to listen to it almost anywhere. Here on this site, there is more information about electronic dance music due to its popularity.

Why Focus on Dance Music?

Some may question as to why the choice was made to focus on dance music when there are so many other genres. One of the reasons is because it allows for some great interaction. People enjoy dance music for a variety of different reasons. Recognising this as being important is one of the reasons it was chosen as the main topic for this site. To further elaborate on this, there is a post that is dedicated to the importance of dance music. It gives a little more insight as to its history as well as its benefits.

Dance Music Environments

Another purpose of this site is to elaborate on the different environments that dance music can be enjoyed.

Overall this site is meant to create a renewed interest in dance music because of its importance.